2002 Winter

Getting to Know Your PolyJohn Business Coach: David Wall

What led you to
come to work for PolyJohn?
I was in an insurance agency that created policies exclusively for operators in the portable restroom business. Because I was one of only two brokers in the U.S. that specialized in this area, I came to learn a lot about it. I met owners across the country, visited their operations, learned about their equipment, and assessed their liabilities and risks. One of the nicest people I met was Faye Kelley at PolyJohn. She attended an insurance seminar I was teaching at the Pumper Expo. Evidently, she was impressed with my knowledge of portable sanitation because she asked me to join the team.

Do you have a personal selling philosophy; if so, what is it?
I don’t consider myself a salesman. I just listen to my customers’ needs and offer advice based on what they tell me. My role is to be a business coach. I’ve learned from so many different portable sanitation companies that I know what the most successful ones do and how they do it. You can use me as a resource or as a compass who can get you pointed in the right direction.

Are you saying you know what works and what doesn’t work?
Not exactly. In fact, I’m no expert…anyone who has driven the truck and cleaned the units probably knows more than me. But I do know where to find the best advice on any given problem. I know all the experts in this busi-ness, and I can get you in touch with them. I even recommend that customers call other operators outside of their territory to share advice. Some of the customers who I’ve introduced to each other have become such good friends that they go on vacation together.

How does your previous
job experience help you at PolyJohn?
By starting from an insurer’s point of view, I probably know the risks and rewards of this business as well as anybody.

If you were asked to give your best advice to a new start-up, what would it be?
There are probably two things that really separate the top performers from everyone else and they are: 1. The best in the business understand the value of their service to customers. They charge more, they offer more, and they service better. If price was the only thing that mattered to people, then you would see nothing but cheap economy cars when you walked into a showroom. But the truth is, people want something a little nicer and they are willing to pay for it. 2. Top performers contact customers and pro-spects more often. They call, write, and call again. They use postcards, and leave frequent messages. People want to rent from you and know you’ll be there, and frequent contact reassures them.

David Wall,
Northwestern States
PolyJohn Area Manager

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