2004 Spring/Summer Volume No. 3

PolyJohn Brazil Celebrica!

Vernon Hills,
President, PolyJohn UK

Celebrica! The word means, “celebrate” in Portuguese, the language of Brazil. And that
is exactly what PolyJohn Brazil will be doing soon. The reason is quite simple: May 2004 marks two years of outstanding success for the joint venture launched between PolyJohn Brazil and PolyJohn U.K., Ltd.

Vernon Hills, CEO of PolyJohn U.K, located in Weatherby, York in the United Kingdom says, “Bordo Plastics actually approached us. We had trouble getting our products into South America because of the high tax imposed on direct U.S. exports, so we decided to manufacture everything in Brazil, and it’s worked out beautifully.”

Marcello Massa, CEO of PolyJohn Brazil agrees. “We’ve had a good first year and even better second year,” he says. “Our volume increased by about 120 percent last year, and we’re targeting another 70 percent increase for 2004.”

PolyJohn Brazil’s manufacturing plant and sales office is located in Botucatu, about 150 miles outside of Sao Paulo. Currently, PolyJohn Brazil is manufacturing the PJIII model and a PJIII with sink they call the VIP. There has been a steady demand for sinks, similar to the growing interest in U.S. markets.

The Key to Success
Massa says there are currently only about 20,000 PolyJohn portable toilets all around Brazil, a country that has almost 2/3rd the population of the US. “This market has just been born,” he says. “We are unique in that we are making the market happen.” The tactics used by the pro-active sales team led by Sales Manager Sergio Cinta, include direct-mail campaigns targeted to their customer base and a strong trade show presence.

Vernon Hills credits the success of the joint venture to having an honest, trustworthy partner, one with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing plastics. Hills also states that both firms are family owned businesses which allows for a level of communication not possible with huge corporations “A joint venture won’t work with two companies this far away from each other if there isn’t complete trust between them,” he said emphatically.

A Bright Future
While Vernon Hills predicts that PolyJohn Brazil will be looking to expand their product range in the near future, Marcello Massa is excited about developing their markets throughout the globe. “We are very happy with everything in South America. And we are also starting to do business with many different companies in Africa,” he says. “Within five years, we hope to expand into many parts of Asia, (including India), Australia, and New Zealand.”

With nearly two years of outstanding success in manufacturing, marketing, and sales behind them, coupled with a far-reaching plan for the future, PolyJohn Brazil and PolyJohn U.K. Ltd. have good reason to celebrate. Congratulations PolyJohn Brazil. Celebrica!

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