2004 Spring/Summer Volume No. 3

Success Stories Managing to do some good

Lorraine Wardy owner of Sarabia’s Portable Jons in El Paso, TX helps local charities and not-for-profit community groups by providing discounted portable restroom services for fund-raising events.

“We get many requests for free toilet service, and while we can’t afford to give it away for free, we do what we can to discount the service,” Lorraine said. “It’s truly a win/win situation. The charity gets restroom service at a discounted price and we develop good will within the community.” “However,” Lorraine advises, “be sure you put a line item in your invoice that shows the total amount you deducted from the usual price and label it clearly as a donation. Otherwise, the people you are helping won’t realize you’ve contributed anything.” Having a “donation” line item on your invoice will also help if your company needs to account for charitable donations at tax time.

Some Good Customers
Doing Good for Others

Tony Teale owner of Royal Flush, Dallas Oregon, recently returned from a trip to Rosarito, Mexico where he went with a group from the Faith Free Evangelical Church to build a home for a family in need. “We brought everything with us–tools, air compressors, roofing, you name it. The only thing we purchased down there was the lumber. The building experts with us laid out everything we needed and we went to work. In about 2 1/2 days the Mexican family had a brand new 1,400 square foot, 3-bedroom home. The experience taught me a lot about how much we take for granted and how blessed we truly are in this country. Every scrap that was left over from the building process—the stuff that would have been garbage at home—was carried away by neighbors to be put to good use.”

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