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Building Solid Relationships Around the Globe:

Meet Mr. International

How does a family business like PolyJohn extend its business around the world? We do it the same way we’ve built our business at home—by building relationships.

Vernon Hills, the head of our international sales division, PolyJohn, UK Ltd., recently announced the signing of a new partnership with Bordoplas, a plastics manufacturing company in Botucatu, Brazil. Bordoplas, like us, is also a family-owned business committed to quality and customer service. “This venture will be a real benefit to the burgeoning portable restroom industry in South America,” said Hills.

Our Global Ambassador Vernon Hills has been leading PolyJohn’s International effort for nearly a decade as the head of PolyJohn, UK Ltd.

Like many of PolyJohn’s top people, Vernon started as a customer—a manager for a restroom business in England. His success and dynamic personality brought him to the attention of PolyJohn’s president, Ed Cooper, who enticed him to become part of the PolyJohn team.

Vernon is able to sell, service, and supply much of the world with PolyJohn portable restrooms. Not someone to let the grass grow under his feet, he has over five million frequent-flyer miles on American Airlines alone, and completed over 500,000 miles for PolyJohn this past year. When we spoke to him last week, he had just arrived home from a 7-day trip that took him from Auckland,
New Zealand, to various cities in Australia, to Singapore, and back home to Heathrow Airport in London.

At 6’6”, Vernon stands out in any crowd, but his stature makes him particularly memorable to customers in the Orient. He’s a friendly giant and his disarming smile quickly puts people at ease. “I love meeting new people, seeing new sights, and making deals,” says Vernon.

Thanks in large part to his travels, PolyJohn portable restrooms are now available in 33 countries and found on every continent.

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