2006 Winter/Spring Volume No. 6

Serving You Better: The Big 6 Review for Success

This year we celebrate the beginning of a whole new era in customer convenience and service.

With the launch of our redesigned web-site, we are able to make ourselves available to you 24/7. They call the Inter-net “the information superhighway” for good reason. It amazes me how fast it moves, how much information you can find, and how much we can now deliver.

Go to polyjohn.com today and you’ll find all the informational articles we have ever published in JohnTalk—nearly 100 and counting. These are mostly “how to” articles about the many challenges of running a portable restroom business.

You’ll also find our extensive parts and products diagrams to answer any ques-tions you may have about repairs. You can shop through our online catalog of service products. And what’s more, you can instantly order service supplies from our Rid-It® division and have them delivered to your door, usually in less than 3 days. I am proud of the new PolyJohn.com, and hope you’ll fire up the computer and check it out.

In this issue of JohnTalk we also introduce PJ University, along with our how-to articles and assessment tools for those who want to look more closely at their operation, and graduate to the next level of success.

We invite you to take your company through the BIG 6 REVIEW to see if you can find areas to improve. The BIG 6 REVIEW is bound to make you more competitive and help you achieve a winning season.

In the BIG 6 REVIEW, you’ll be thinking about:
1. Management
2. Customer Service
3. Marketing
4. Capabilities
5. Money
6. People

We believe the BIG 6 REVIEW will help position your business to have the best season ever, and to have many winning seasons to come.

With the possibility of a downturn in the housing market and commercial construction starts on the horizon, it is important that everyone takes a hard look at their business to make sure they run a competitive, dynamic operation that can not only survive the challenges ahead, but come out stronger and better positioned in the market.

I’m sure the BIG 6 REVIEW will help you find out what you are doing right and what makes you successful. I am also certain you will find some areas for improvement that, if fixed, can make you even more successful in the years ahead. Be prepared to look at yourself in the mirror and at every facet of your company. We don’t want this to feel like homework, but we hope you’ll get some good information out of the process.

Good luck and good business. If you need help with your assessment, call any of my Area Managers. They all have years of experience in this industry, and they’ll be able to provide suggestions that will help you EARN MORE, SELL MORE, AND SERVICE BETTER in 2006!

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