2006 Winter/Spring Volume No. 6

There are Five Main Components of Leadership

The first component is communication.
People don’t follow when the plan hasn’t been clearly discussed and understood by all.

This means that you believe in your convictions and stick to your commitments. People do not follow leaders who change direction too frequently. However, as much as a leader should try not to be wrong, he or she should also be willing to admit mistakes and change direction when necessary. People don’t like to change directions in midstream, but they don’t like to be led off a cliff either.

An open mind.
Just as a leader isn’t always right, he or she shouldn’t be the source of all ideas. A leader listens to his or her employees and values their contributions.

A leader stays positive and sees opportunities in change. A leader's enthusiasm is contagious to his followers.

Lead by example.
A leader doesn’t ask anyone to do something he or she wouldn’t do.

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