2007 Winter/Spring Volume 7 No. 1

Striving to be a World-Class Company

By Ed, Mike and Ken Cooper

Excellence is not a spectacular, one-time achievement. It’s a habit. It’s the stuff done every day, one choice at a time, that leads to long-term excellence.

At PolyJohn, we strive for excellence in our pursuit to be a world-class company. We also try to pass on everything we learn in this pursuit to you, our customers. Because we are a business-to-business manu-facturer and sales organization, we are well aware that the better and more profitable your business operates, the better our business will do.

Company leaders establish benchmarks for the business by developing the mission and operating principles. While leaders may not be experts in every aspect of their company—sales, service, accounting, etc.—they should be life-long learners who understand enough to push their specialists to higher achievements.

Just as a great coach doesn’t need to be able to dunk a basketball or throw a pitch over 90 miles an hour, a leader doesn’t have to be a star performer; but he or she needs to know enough about how it is done to encourage their star performers to achieve even greater heights.

In this issue of JohnTalk, you can learn about reading financial statements, marketing your brand, managing service and more.

World-class companies are built from the ground up to be aligned with their customers’ wants and needs while anti-cipating and shaping future needs. To achieve this, you need to keep your fingers on the pulse of your customers.

World-class companies listen by giving customers an opportunity to comment on products and customer service, in general, and offer suggestions. PolyJohn recently completed a survey of what customers want and need and are using those results to introduce new products like our PACE restroom, SaniStand™, and HandStand™.

World-class companies go beyond creation of customer satisfaction to build customer loyalty by getting to know their customers and helping them with their needs. Companies doing that most effectively are those which motivate employees to be helpful, prompt, and to “own” customer pro-blems. World-class companies are always looking for new and better ways to deliver products and services.

A major strength of any world-class company is a high-caliber work force. Research consistently reveals that employee loyalty leads to increased business and customer loyalty.

Companies that are in a constant state of recruiting and hiring expend large amounts of time, energy and money without ever building a world-class team. We are very proud of the fact that PolyJohn’s frontline employees average more than ten years on the job.

One thing that is certain in business is that nothing is ever certain. Because the world is constantly changing, world-class companies must be flexible enough to change with it. One way to do this is by offering customers new solutions to new problems.

World-class companies never stop trying to offer new or improved services, never take customers for granted, and never underestimate the importance of their employees.

In the portable sanitation industry, hand washing is becoming ever more important to customers. In recent news, Taco Bell lost millions of dollars in revenue when an E. coli outbreak was traced to their restaurants. Another E. coli outbreak nearly destroyed the fresh spinach industry. The world is quickly coming to the conclusion that clean hands help prevent disease—saving lives and money.

If clean hands can help make a festival more successful or keep a construction site from losing employees to the flu, customers will be happy to pay a little extra for hand sanitation or sinks. It’s our job as an industry to provide this service.

We hope this issue of JohnTalk will help you continue to build a world-class company and make excellence an everyday habit.

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