2002 Winter

How Have Our Customers Stayed Ahead of the Competition?

Rid-It® Did It!
Get Your Service Sales Hopping!

PolyJohn customers have told us that they prefer a one-stop shop for all of their por-table restroom supplies. That’s why over the past few years, we have been building
our line of cleaning and deodorizer products under the Rid-It® brand name. We’ve recently moved Rid-It® supplies into all of our regional warehouses in order to be closer to our customers and to make delivery time even faster. In the coming year, we will be announcing new products to help you improve service, including cleaners and deodorizers that contain citronella (a potent bug and fly repellent).

Rid-It® is currently the only supplier in the industry that also provides 2500-sheet toilet paper rolls. These huge rolls are like putting five rolls in a stall at once. That way you can be sure your customers never run out. And, Rid-It® rolls fit most toilet manufacturers’ dispensers!

Our quality is the best in the business and better quality can be a major cost savings, because the deodorizer lasts longer and works stronger. It is also a customer-saver, because they’ll notice if your restrooms always look cleaner and smell better. Our deodorizers come in several fragrances your customers will appreciate.

Another great way to save with Rid-It® products is to take advantage of FREE shipping with your PolyJohn unit order. It won’t cost any extra to send your deodorizer, toilet paper, and cleaning products inside empty restrooms on the same shipment. So make sure you get your Rid-It® supplies the next time you order.

• quick regional delivery
• biggest paper roll in the business
• FREE shipping with other PolyJohn orders
• the highest quality deodorizers and cleaners in the business

Last year, Rid-It® added a second national sales representative, Carol Sinks Farmer, to service 27 eastern states, while our 7-year veteran, Louise Gutierrez takes care of the western states. Carol has worked her way up the management ladder at our Whiting, IN, manufacturing facility, and was promoted to this position in February of 2001.

Meanwhile, having a smaller service area has enabled Louise to travel less while seeing more customers, more often. Her recent move to Los Angeles puts her in the heart of her new sales region. She appreciates the extra time she has to focus on her customers’ needs and of course the weather in Southern California sure beats Whiting.

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