2006 Summer/Fall Volume 6 No. 2

PolyJohn Hosts Success Training Camp at PSAI Show

“One of the things I liked best about the workshop was the discussion groups—getting to bend the ear of others in my position.”
—Tim Morris of Illinois Portable Toilet, Urbana, IL.

Are you ready for the busy season? Have you set performance goals for yourself and your people? Do you have a plan in place to win a service contract for the next big special event in your area?

PolyJohn Enterprises Corporation recently sponsored its first annual PolyJohn University Success Workshop at the PSAI Show in Chicago on March 22nd. Twenty participants attended, coming from Connecticut to California and from portable restroom operations both large and small to prepare for their upcoming busy seasons.

The four-hour workshop was designed for business owners and managers at any level of experience who wanted to take their operations to the next level of success. The curriculum stressed the six areas of business that, if improved, would have the biggest impact on bottom-line success. PolyJohn’s Big 6 Review covers:

1. Management
2. Customer Service
3. Marketing
4. Capabilities
5. Money
6. People

Participants examined their own operations, discussed ideas with peers, and set goals with specific completion dates.

Speaking at the event was business-development expert Kelly Newcomb of Newcomb Marketing Solutions and Can Do Success!

Participants were expected to: develop a business mission and service commitment statement, evaluate their current business within the Big 6 framework, determine three to six attainable goals that could improve their business in 2006, and obtain support from peers and business coaches to help them achieve their goals.

PolyJohn business coaches will maintain contact with attendees throughout the coming year to see how they are progressing on their goals.

Individuals who are interested in taking part in the next workshop are encourag-ed to contact their PolyJohn regional representative.

Here’s What Another PJ University Workshop Attendee Said:

“With everything we learned and all the information that was shared, I thought the workshop was just too short. The information was very beneficial and definitely time
well spent.

It helped us step outside the box and take a fresh look at our businesses from a different perspective. I came back to the office and began to implement a couple of ideas that I developed at the workshop. For one, we are developing a training video for our drivers so that we can make sure everyone has a good idea of what is expected in terms of safety and service quality.

I really appreciate the people at PolyJohn who care enough about the industry to teach best practices and help us all improve our businesses. I want to thank Gregg de Long for recommending it to me.”

—Anthony Borgatello
Marborg Industries
136 Quarantina St.,
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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