2006 Summer/Fall Volume 6 No. 2

The “Fridge” Helps Raise $1,060 for PSAI Scholarships

Draws TV Audience and Signs Autographs for PSAI Show Attendees

One of the highlights of this year’s PSAI Show was a raffle to help raise funds for the PSAI Scholarship Fund. Tickets were sold at the PSAI Show and during tours of the PolyJohn Enterprises’ assembly plant in Whiting, IN and Service Sanitation, Inc. of Gary, IN.

Several busloads of show attendees took advantage of the tours and the opportunity to support the PSAI Scholarship Fund. The final stop on the tour was at Service Sanitation where lunch was served and visitors got the privilege of meeting NFL football great William “the Refrigerator” Perry who was signing autographs. The Fridge not only helped draw a crowd of PSAI Show Attendees, he drew a national television audience, while raising $1,060 for the PSAI Scholarship Fund Raffle.

PSAI Show attendees and employees from PolyJohn and Service Sanitation who bought a $2 raffle ticket were given the chance to win one of three prizes. First prize was a Fridge autographed jersey and football, second prize was a signed jersey and third prize was a signed football.

A film crew from the ESPN show, Outside the Lines, arrived to do a segment on former athletes working as spokespersons for businesses. The segment aired April 13th and garnered national exposure for PolyJohn products.

According to Mike Adams, Managing Director of PolyJohn, “It’s been great having the Fridge on our team. He drew the biggest crowd we ever saw at the Pumper Expo and now he’s helped raise over $1,000 for the PSAI scholarships. He’s really a great guy. He signed autographs until I thought his hand would fall off. With this being the 20th Anniversary of the Chicago Bears’ 1986 Super Bowl Championship, we have found a lot of renewed interest in the Fridge which has made the timing of his involvement with PolyJohn particularly helpful.”

Education is the way to advancement. That’s true for individuals as well as the entire industry. That’s why the PSAI has long promoted education and is proud to be sponsoring a scholarship program.

We need your help too!
The potential to win a scholarship is a great benefit that is available to all families of PSAI member companies, and associate members. The goal is to award $2,500 to at least eight college freshmen or undergraduates of any age each year.

Donations to the PSAI Scholarship Fund are tax deductible and go directly to Scholarship America who awards the PSAI scholarship to deserving students. Scholarship America is a not-for-profit organization highlighted by SmartMoney Magazine as one of only 17 nonprofits that make the most effective and efficient use of charitable dollars. Scholarship America manages the donations, and their experts are also responsible for reviewing applications and awarding the scholarships so there are no political or regional biases in the selection of scholarship recipients.

Bill Carroll, Executive Director of PSAI International can be contacted at 800-822-3020
to discuss pledging to the PSAI Scholarship Fund, or donations can be sent directly to PSAI Scholarship Fund, 7800 Metro Parkway, Suite 104, Bloomington, MN 55425.

PSAI Scholarship applications can be downloaded at www.psai.org by clicking on Applications & Info.

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