2002 Spring

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Spring is the Time to Take Stock
The big event season is almost here and there is no better time to get your equipment ready than now.
• Have your trucks had a preseason checkup?
• Have you ordered enough new units to handle your growing business?
• Do you need parts to repair the units that can be fixed?
• What about chemicals and paper? Did you know you can get free shipping for your
supplies from Rid It with an order of restroom units from PolyJohn?

Sell More...
Your Business’s Lifeline—the Phone
Customers don’t want to leave messages on machines; they want to speak with a friendly, courteous person who can answer their questions immediately. Even if you’re a one-person operation, cell phones make it possible to transfer calls almost anywhere. Think of what might happen if a machine answered these typical calls:
1. A potential customer wants quotes from a few businesses. 2. A customer has a tip-over emergency. 3. A new customer has misunderstood a billing item and is angry. 4. A new customer calls to tell you that they have accepted your bid over a competitor’s. Any of these calls, if unanswered, could end in lost business. When a phone must be left to an answering machine for short durations, be sure your message gives a specific time when the call will be returned.

Service Better...
Spiffing Up Your Drivers
Do your drivers wear muddy boots and old Nascar T-shirts that show off their tatoos? Sure, they could be the nicest, most trustworthy people in the world, but your customers won’t think so. Remember, every time your driver steps down from the truck, he or she represents your business. Do they look like caring service professionals? Uniforms may be the right answer for your business. It won’t cost much to buy baseball caps embroidered with your company logo and a few collared shirts and nice work pants that match your company colors. Yet, the image uniforms convey can make a big difference to your bottom line.

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