2007 Fall/Winter Volume 7 No. 2

The Power Of Vision

3 Tools to Help You Decide Your Future

Second to cash, nothing powers business more than dreams. And even in times when businesses are cash constrained, dreams can push a company beyond critical points and difficult times. What links successful companies together regardless of their differences is vision — a dream of what they want to achieve.

In A Dream with a Deadline1, Jacques Horovitz lists three tools that help companies decide on the future: mission control, the vision and the plan. These simple tools are often made difficult by consultants and other experts. Horovitz defines them with simple clarity.

— Mission Control (What You Do and Why)
Mission control defines the boundaries and explains why you are in business. It simply answers the question: “What business am I in and for what purpose?”

— The Vision (Where You Are Going and When) The vision simply defines what the future state will look like after a specific time frame.

— The Plan (How We Are Going To Get Where We Want
To Go) This is simply how you plan to reach your vision.

A Good Vision (or the Dream)
• Inspires others to Act
• Is Achievable
• Establishes a Sense of Urgency and Benefit
• Is Measurable
• Has Milestones
• Is Shared by Everyone in Your Company

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