2007 Fall/Winter Volume 7 No. 2

Taking a Look at the Gaps that Keep You from Improving Your Company and the Bottom-Line

One of the surest ways to improve the performance of your company is to bridge the gaps between the way things are and the best way to do things. According to Ken Blanchard in his best selling book, Zap the Gaps: Target Higher Performance and Achieve It1, gaps cost companies billions of dollars every year. When people do not work their best, everyone loses — the employee, the customer, the company and the bottom line. No organization can ignore gaps and survive difficult, as well as good, economic times. The goal is to close gaps so that ultimately there is a positive impact on everyone involved – especially the bottom line. By targeting these gaps you can begin to correct them. Included in the pdf of this issue is a tool for you to use to help identify these gaps and begin exploring their causes.


Ask yourself three questions:
1. What are the gaps between the “AS IT IS” and the “AS IT SHOULD BE?”
2. Why do these gaps exist?
3. What can you and your employees do to get rid of these gaps?

1Source: Blanchard, Kenneth; Robinson, C. James; Robinson, G. Dana, Zap the Gaps: Target Higher Performance and Achieve It!, Harper Collins Publishing, 2002.

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