2002 Spring

Meet Rama Plastic’s Margaret Keech

From far-away outposts above the Arctic Circle to major metropolitan areas like Montreal, Canadians who need portable restrooms call Margaret Keech, Managing Director and sales representative for Rama Plastics, PolyJohn’s sister company.

“Even before we began production in Whiting, Indiana, Rama supplied PolyJohn with portable restrooms for sale in the US,” said Ed Cooper, PolyJohn’s President. Today Rama builds and sells PolyJohn products for the Canadian market.

Margaret Keech has been Rama’s leader since 1983, and has helped it grow from a small plastics company within Native Communities to a 15,000-square-foot facility on four acres in Orillia, Ontario. Originally from England, Margaret came to Canada as a teenager. Today she speaks both languages of Canada—French and English—and is familiar with the numerous dialects throughout the country. Even though Canada is geographically larger than the US, Margaret manages to visit her customers regularly.

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