2008 Summer Volume 8 No. 1

The Race to the Finish Line – PolyJohn Brazil

PolyJohn South America Beats the Competition in Brazil

In 2001, Bordoplas, a major manufacturer of automotive and polyethylene products in Brazil—owned by the Massa family and managed by CEO Marcelo Massa—joined the ongoing expansion of the PolyJohn International market and subsequently formed PolyJohn South America (PJSA). The family members are not strangers to what it takes to win a race: the Ferrari Team’s Formula One racing champion, Felipe Massa, is the nephew of the brothers who run the company.

Just over a year ago, as a measure of its success, PJSA moved to the town of Itatinga, about 120 miles west of São Paulo—Brazil’s main business city with a population of over 10 million. With this move PJSA expanded its manufacturing operations and gained the support of the community by bringing job opportunities to the area—around 40 additional people who receive good wages, a comfortable and safe working environment, and the benefit of learning new skills. PolyJohn South America produces state of the art manufacturing of PolyJohn products, and has a full sales operation for PolyJohn products, primarily the PJN3™ and the new PACE unit, throughout South America. The recently expanded facility offers all processes in manufacturing plastics, from roto-mold, thermo-forming, injection molding and a brand new plastic extruder. Also, near the end of 2007, PJSA opened a sales office in São Paulo in the heart of Brazil’s business centre.

PolyJohn South America was a large part of the fundamental development and manufacturing of the PACE unit, which was planned as a cost effective unit, designed to allow more units to be packaged together and shipped to any location around the world in containers. The first shipment of 250 PACE units, in July 2007, went from Brazil to Singapore to one of PolyJohn International’s major customers, Porta Pumper PTE. PolyJohn South America sent its CEO Marcelo Massa, and its chief engineer, Humberto Nicolosi, to be there for the arrival of the PACE units to ensure that the customer was happy, and to teach and help with the assembly of the units.

PolyJohn South America is growing both domestically and internationally. The new PACE model is doing exceptionally well in South America, and is also being well received in export markets—PACE units have been delivered to our PolyJohn South African distributor in Durban, to our Spanish distributor PolyJohn Iberica, to a new customer in Tenerife, and to Excel Toilets in Australia.

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