2002 Spring

Meet “Prince” the Rid It Frog! Giving Customers the Royal Treatment!

Rid It unveils a “new look” that features “Prince” the Rid It frog—a magical mascot who can transform any summer restroom into
a throne.

“The royal frog is a perfect symbol for our products, because it’s a story of transformation,” said Louise Gutierrez, Rid It’s Western States Representative. “We want to enhance the service image of our customers by providing them with service solutions that roll out the royal carpet for their customers,” she continued.

Additions to the Rid It Royal Treatment product line include a tank deodorant that repels flying insects, deodorizing pump oil for trucks, and a new longer-lasting toilet paper roll. Now the entire Rid It line-up provides The Royal Treatment for service professionals who want to provide the highest standards of service to their customers. Rid It has found that many operators in the portable restroom business are tired of shopping around. They’ve been disappointed once too often by watered-down bargain brands that don’t work as long or as well as promised. The Royal Treatment features only products that have been tested and proven to be the best, most convenient, and longest-lasting on the market. “We don’t offer the largest variety out there; we simply provide the best solutions for any given service problem at a competitive price,” said Carol Sinks-Farmer, Rid It’s Eastern States Representative.

The Royal Treatment also saves money on shipping costs. Rid It service supplies “ride along” free with a restroom order from PolyJohn.

Carol Sinks-Farmer
(219) 659-1152 ext. 514

Louise Gutierrez
(562) 438-2848

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