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Earn More...
Delivery Fees and
Remote Charges Help Adjust Your Bottom Line
When you find yourself in a situation where a customer needs an immediate delivery or pickup, it’s appropriate to charge fees for the service. These fees can be based on vehicle mileage, driver time, and/or urgency of the call. Obviously, if you or one of your drivers must leave the normal service route to make a special trip, it costs you money. Most customers will understand that “special delivery” is an added expense over routine delivery.

Adjusting your fee based on the difficulty of the location is another opportunity to Earn More.
If a location is ten miles down a dirt road, it will cost more to service than a location that is easy to reach. Don’t be afraid to charge customers for the additional expenses you are subjected to.

Sell More...
Open New Doors Faster with Referrals
Have you ever asked your good customers for the names of friends and associates who might be able to use your services? You might be surprised at how many will be willing to help you. Some may even let you copy names and numbers directly out of their Rolodex. There is no better way to start a conversation with a new prospect than to mention that you currently work for a friend or associate. What’s more, this kind of networking can help you grow dramatically. If every good customer gives you three good names, you’ll quickly find yourself with all the new prospects you can handle.
Service Better...
Lily Tabs Create a
Pleasant Experience for Customers
Save valuable time and materials while appealing to your customers’ sense of smell with Lily Tabs Self-Dissolving Tablets. These portion control tablets replace the need to mix chemical solutions that
can be inconsistent and result in spillage and wasted product. The only labor involved is dropping one tablet into the holding tank and odors are eliminated for hours. With pleasing fragrances of mulberries and wildflowers, your customers will be reminded of summertime splendor no matter what the season!
Lily Tabs are great for special events and keep customers coming back.

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