2002 Fall

Nearly a MILLION Served

Recently the Pope drew a crowd of almost one million people to his Sunday mass in Downsview Park, Toronto, Canada. The frail 82-year-old pontiff provided the closing event for World Youth Days—an event which drew youths aged 16 to 35 from over 170 countries. For those young travellers, many of whom camped out in the pouring rain Saturday night, the Pope’s appearance was the highlight of their 10-day conference.

For the two Toronto portable restroom companies that managed the service for this event, the Pope’s visit was one of the highlights of their careers.

Stewart Chantler of Chantler’s Portable Toilets and Kevin Ford of Nature’s Call, both of Toronto, joined forces to lead the service team that was responsible for nearly 8,000 units at several different sites. They recruited trucks and service workers from all over Ontario to join the workforce. However, 80% of the restroom units were owned by companies from the farthest regions of Canada and parts of the U.S. A visitor walking past a row of toilets at the event saw door decals ranging from the British Columbia to South Carolina.

A Family Affair
Margaret Keech, Managing Director of Rama Plastics, PolyJohn’s Sister Corporation, solved the problem of what to do with all the additional units needed for the event. She presold over 2,500 additional units to her customers throughout Canada, while another 1,000 were sold to U.S. companies through PolyJohn. Those that bought units for the event shared in the rental revenues and took delivery at its conclusion. To help organize who owned which units, the units were built to order in individual company colors. They even added company door stickers as the units were assembled. “The thing I’m most proud of is how we managed to bring so many competitors together to act as one team,” Margaret said. Margaret’s son Bill Keech was in charge of assembling the units in a 60,000 sq. ft. airplane hangar in Downsview Park where the Pope’s mass was held. It was a spectacular achievement as he and his crew put together 4,891 units in less than two months. “I’m really proud of my crew. It’s the first time our work has ever been featured in the National Post and Time magazine,” said Bill Keech.

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