2002 Fall

Meet Your Rid It Representative: Carol Sinks-Farmer

How long have you worked for Rid It?
I’ve been with Rid It for just over a year now. However, I’ve been with PolyJohn for more than 12 years. When Rid It needed a second regional representative, I was promoted into the job.

How does your experience at PolyJohn help you as a Rid It Representative?
At PolyJohn, I worked as the office manager and personal assistant to the President, Ed Cooper. In that position, I got to know hundreds of our customers on a first name basis. Whenever a customer had a question or problem, I helped them find the answers. I learned from Ed that customer service is always the number one job.

What did you do before coming to PolyJohn?
I worked in the executive offices of two large construction firms. My knowledge of the construction industry comes in handy as I talk to my customers. As you know, construction service contracts are an important source of business in our industry.
Rid It offers many different products to choose from. How do you help customers sort out their choices?
The first thing I ask people is what their units are going to be used for. Is this for a special event, a construction site, or a remote campground? Some products are engineered for specific applications, so it helps to know how they will be used. I also inquire about the different issues they will be dealing with such as hot weather, flying insects, portion control, heavy traffic areas, or freezing weather. We have recently redesigned the Rid It product line so that, no matter what the situation, we will have a product that will be perfect for our customers’ needs.

What are your biggest advantages over your competitors?
The first is quality. All of our formulations are designed to be as good or better than other competitively priced products on the market. Second is availability. Our inventory system helps us keep our products in stock at all of our regional warehouses. What’s more, since our warehouses are close to our customers, they get their shipments in one to three days and pay less for shipping. I also believe that people call Rid It first because Louise and I do everything we can to help our customers succeed.

What do you like most about your position?
I like meeting the customers, helping them find solutions, and representing a product that I can stand behind 100 percent! I also enjoy educating new customers about all the various products we offer, and how to use them. If a customer is having a problem that I can’t solve over the phone, I’ll visit them and go out on the truck with them. I like to see a job from my customer’s point of view. It helps me better understand their needs, so I can make the best recommendations.

Carol Sinks-Farmer,
Eastern States
Rid It Representative


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