2002 Fall

Meet Your Rid It Representative: Louise Gutierrez

What led you to come to work for Rid It?
As a sales rep for an electrical maintenance contractor, I called on large manufacturing plants in the Midwest. The day I called on PolyJohn Enterprises, Whiting, IN, I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Ed Cooper. I suppose he admired my salesmanship and follow up, because when the position to represent Rid It became available, he offered me the job.

How does your past experience help you as a Rid It Representative?
Things I learned in 17 years of experience selling Rid It, maintenance contracts, and Yellow Page ads come in handy. Because most of my customers run small businesses, they need to wear several hats ... marketing director, purchasing agent, service manager ... you name it. I’ll help them any way I can. I’ll teach them about the chemical and service products I provide. And, I can also give them tips on selling service contracts or developing their advertising.

You've been with Rid It for eight years. How has the company changed in that time?
For the first seven years, I was the only national sales rep for Rid It products, and I was also the purchasing agent. Needless to say, I had to learn a lot about the chemicals and service products. I went to chemical conferences and trade shows around the country and spoke with nearly every manufacturer in the business. I learned all I could about these products and how they worked. Then I also learned what my customers needed, and how we could bring together the best products at the best price to meet those needs. Last year, Rid It had grown to the point where we could split the country into a Western and Eastern Region. I moved to Southern California to take the Western Region, and our new rep, Carol Sinks-Farmer, took the East. We could have never done it without the help of the PolyJohn area managers that truly believed in these products and referred their customers to us.

What's the first thing you tell somebody who is new to this business?
Anybody can buy a few toilets and get into this business. However, no one stays in the business unless they learn the best ways to service them. You can go into business in the most competitive area and still succeed by offering better service. Consistency and reliability of chemicals will help you meet that goal.

How would you describe your personal selling philosophy?
I hope my customers see me, not just as a supplier, but as a reliable information resource and problem solver. My goal is to be someone who my customers look forward to talking to whenever I call, or whenever they need supplies.

Louise Gutierrez, Western States Rid It Representative


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