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Scotloo: Service the Scottish Way

In Scotland, a trip to a portable loo will provide the highest standards of amenities including flush toilets and freshwater sinks. One reason is that companies like Ian Black’s Scotloo, Ltd., have been providing nothing but recirculating flush toilets with sinks for over six years.

Ian started Scotloo with his half-brother and partner, Alex Wishart, over ten years ago. They got into the business at a time when there weren’t many others doing it. In fact, the idea to start the business came to Ian when he was building houses and couldn’t find anyone in his area that would both rent and clean a portable restroom.

Ian and Alex bought their first 20 units from Bob Macrae of PolyJohn UK. When Bob asked what they were going to name their business, Ian shrugged and said, “I don’t know, do you have any ideas?” Bob said, “How about Scotloo?” It was a good name and it stuck. Bob has been a favorite vendor to work with ever since. He has supplied Scotloo with advice, service, and PolyJohn units throughout their incredible growth from 20 to over 1,700. Today, Scotloo continues to be one of the fastest growing portable restroom businesses in Scotland. Their location in Perth, near the geographical center of the country, allows them to extend their service reach between major cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The special event market is big in the Perthshire region, and Scotloo has earned their share of the business. They have provided service for everything from horse races and professional golf matches, to garden shows and castle tours. By far, their largest special event is the Royal Highland Show. An event similar to a state fair in the U.S., it attracts over 150,000 people annually.

Ian and Alex have had to work harder and smarter to stay ahead of their competition. “When we began, our average weekly rental was about $45 U.S.; today it is sixty percent lower,” Ian said. “We’ve also had to invest in upgraded units with more expensive amenities, and continually strive for better service. We know that we are only as good as our last clean toilet,” he continued.

“Innovations and upgrades from PolyJohn have helped keep us competitive. Their units are well-conceived products, built to last.”

Scotloo’s service has been the cornerstone of their success. To ensure that their high standards continue to improve, they have instituted a quality assurance program that reviews service standards throughout the organization.

This program has been so successful that Scotloo was recently awarded the Bronze Assessment Certificate from Portable Sanitation Europe Ltd. “We are pleased to have our standard of practice and customer care recognized with this award and are now striving to achieve the gold,” Ian said.

“We know that we are only as good as our last clean toilet,” Ian Black, Scotloo, Ltd.

Scotloo’s PolyJohn units provide a modern convenience to this 17th Century Reenactment.

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