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Earn More...
Add variety for a healthy business
Have you experienced a downturn recently?
If so, you may be basing too much of your business on one industry. During recessions, construction is the first business to suffer. However, even in a slow construction year, outdoor events go on, people still get married, the annual town affair still happens, marathon races still run, and hundreds of other special occasions still require public facilities. You may also want to consider what other services your current customer base may require— branching out into septic cleaning, dewatering, event services, and/or solid waste removal may lead to outstanding growth opportunities. See the article about Rhino Barriers on page 3 for a new business idea that’s really growing fast.

Sell More...
Are there add-on opportunities you might have missed?
One secret to selling more is to get your current customers to buy more. You can boost profits by adding value at the end of a sale. Think of the fast food restaurants that will throw in extras for a few dimes when you buy a “value meal.” At the volumes they handle, those few extra dimes add up to major windfalls. We heard a story from a customer who was running a “BIGGIE SIZE” promotion to upsell their Fleet Series restrooms over the lower-cost PJIIIs. They printed flyers announcing that for only $7 more per month, they would BIGGIE SIZE the restroom. The promotion worked so well, dozens of their customers converted. The same type of promotion could work with sinks or flush units too—it’s a great way to BIGGIE SIZE your profits.

Service Better...
The Sweet Smell of Service Success
Studies on the sense of smell have proven that most people can only distinguish between four or five different fragrances in a given day. And people exposed to the same fragrance day after day lose their ability to smell it. That might explain why your old aunt Thelma’s perfume seems to be getting stronger each time she visits—she can’t smell it anymore. After reading about this, a restroom-business owner guessed that his customers could no longer smell the fragrance of the tank deodorizers he was using. He decided to change the fragrance each month to see what happened. Sure enough, he started getting dozens of compliments on how his service had improved... when all that really happened was people were noticing again!

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