2003 Spring Volume No. 1

New Products Help You Gain More Business From Your Customer

Growing your business isn't always about getting more customers. A less expensive and more effective way is to provide additional services to the customers you already have.

Add a new customer and that adds transportation costs, sales and service costs, account management costs and capital costs. Sell new services to an existing customer and you add just a little extra time and some capital expenditure. It adds up to a lot of savings and profits when you increase customer share.

For example, if you've been working with the same customer for several years and he rents four toilets, it is much easier to talk to him about adding a sink than it is to convince a new customer who doesn't know you, or the quality of your service, to buy something from you for the first time. Selling sinks can grow your business by 20 or 30 percent without adding a single new customer.

Some people don't like this kind of "upselling" It reminds them of the fast-food restaurant that trys to get you to buy those extra french fries you don't need. Nevertheless, a lot of upsells make life better for the customer. You had them put the air conditioning and automatic transmission on your truck, didn't you?

Frankly, people need and deserve to have a place to wash their hands. Getting them to loosen their purse strings to pay for it is your job. That's selling, and that's what makes the American economy move forward.

Here at PolyJohn, we've been working hard to come up with new products and services to help you increase customer share. Sinks are just one way to do it!

As the owner of a service business, you need to think of all the ways you can be of service to your customers. How can you make them happier, healthier, cleaner, more comfortable, safer, more environmentally responsible or more efficient? Anything that you can do to help your customer adds value to your service. That makes you a more valuable partner to your customer's business.

What more can we do for men and women who work outside or in temporary locations all day? That's the question PolyJohn has tried to answer with many of its new products this year. We came up with quite a few solutions to the sanitation problems workers face. Now, our customers can provide everyone, no matter where they work, with:
• clean pressurized water
• warm water to wash their hands
• fresh-water flush toilets
• spacious restrooms
• a portable toilet that can fit anywhere
• and more ...

We are proud to offer an overall line of products and services that respect end user health, safety and comfort. Here are a few examples of our complete line-up.

PJNIII™ Wash Stand
A convenient option for the PJNIII restroom
This sink fits snuggly into our PJNIII units, providing an extra level of hygiene and comfort for end users, while taking up very little extra space.
• User-friendly, hygienic, hands-free foot-operated pump
• Heavy-duty, one-piece construction for years
of trouble-free service
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Soap and paper towel dispensers available.

The MiniFlush
Goes Where Other Toilets Can't!

Now, there's a toilet that can go anywhere people work. The MiniFlush is a self-contained flushing toilet system for use in temporary offices, tool cribs, lunchroom trailers, railroad cars, busses, boats, U.S. mines and similar applications where a complete portable toilet enclosure is either inconvenient or won't fit. At only 23" wide, the MiniFlush will go through even narrow closet door openings.

With a MiniFlush unit, you have the option of a temporary installation or semi-permanent when plumbed to a waste storage tank. It is also more comfortable than other temporary toilets because the seat is a full 211/2" high and molded to the same seat dimensions as a household unit. Easy to wipe clean and service, the only moving parts are a flapper valve and a tough rubber-sealed foot pump.

The HotShot
Provides the Comfort of a Home Sink

Now, you can add hot water to nearly any portable restroom unit with a sink. Weighing only seven pounds, users simply press the foot pump to get a pleasant stream of hot water for handwashing. An automatic thermostat keeps a constant temperature of 95ºF (35ºC).

It mounts easily with two rivets. Then, just drill a small hole in the back of your restroom unit for the electrical connection. Uses normal household current.

The ChemCharger™
The "Deodor-Mizer" System for
Fresh-Water Flush Portables

Each time the foot pump is pressed to flush the toilet bowl, ChemCharger delivers a precisely measured chemical charge into the flush water. This prevents deodorizer waste and keeps restrooms smelling as fresh as "just cleaned" units.

PolyJohn's WaterWorks™
Delivers Fresh Water Miles from the
Nearest Spigot

No one should have to work without pressurized fresh water for sinks and toilets. With WaterWorks, no one does! This 100-gallon water delivery system is great for temporary work sites, office trailers, tool cribs or camps. The unit is also small enough to go up into high-rise construction areas.

The 115-volt on-demand pump provides water at 3.3 GPM (gallons per minute).

• 23" diameter fits in tight spaces
• Natural resin tank shows water level at a glance
• Full tank float shut-off valve prevents spills
• Tank and pump cover are made of tough impact- resistant
polyethylene for years of service
• 10" access hatch for easy interior cleaning
• Low water electrical shut-off to protect pump

Containment Tray
for New California Environmental Regulations
Designed to protect your investment and the environment

• Built from tough, impact-resistant, virgin polyethylene, these
trays are virtually indestructible.
• Fit any brand of restroom unit up to a 47" x 47" skid
• Designed to nest for compact storage and easy transport
• 4" high-profile side walls collect over 25 gallons
• Support ribs protect wood base skids from standing fluids
• Convenient rear pump-out location for complete fluid removal

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