2002 Winter

PolyJohn Innovations on Display at Pumper Expo

Over the years, no one has developed more product enhancements to make the portable restroom user’s experience more comfortable, hygienic and pleasant than PolyJohn. We also continually improve our units to last longer, clean easier, pump faster, and lift, load, and store easier.

Have you ever wondered where all the ideas come from? Actually, a lot of them come from you, our customers.

“Customers offer some of the
most valuable feedback we get at PolyJohn,” says Steve Washburn, the new Manager of Special Projects who heads up PolyJohn’s Total Quality Management Program.

Every customer comment we get is studied by one of our TQM teams. “TQM is a system of manage-ment that ensures that no suggestion for improvement is lost or forgotten,” said Washburn. “The people who put our products into service have thousands of hours of combined experience—more than we could ever duplicate in product testing and computer modeling. So if a customer has a suggestion, we take it very seriously,” Steve continued. “Relationships are built on two-way communication, so we don’t just talk to our customers, we listen.”

TQM is part of that listening process. It is a system of procedures that ensures that every customer and every employee has a voice in improving PolyJohn products.

“Customers Drive Quality…” (continued from page 1)

Whenever we get a suggestion for improvement, it is given a case number, added to our TQM database, and investigated until a solution is found. As Ed Cooper, the President of PolyJohn is often heard saying, “If it ain't right, we’ll fix it!”

When customers asked for more space inside their restrooms, we faced a difficult challenge. If we changed the interior dimensions to get more space, we also needed to change exterior dimensions.

It would affect engineering and mold-building, warehouse storage, and shipping;
basic questions such as how many units fit on a truck, material and shipping costs, etc, would all be affected.

PolyJohn worked on the problem until the design team discovered a unique solution. By placing the tank at an angle, the unit was easier to move around inside, and it felt much roomier. The new Fleet Series 2002 is now the roomiest standard size unit in the business, but the dimensions haven't changed!

We try to document and learn everything we can from our customers— both negative and positive things. We build our company on what you tell us. It’s an ongoing process that clearly shows in all the new improvements we’ve made.

PolyJohn Enterprises Corporation will display all of its innovative products and the completely redesigned Fleet 2002 Series later this month at the Pumper Expo in Nashville. Stop by the PolyJohn booth S11 at the Pumper Expo in Nashville where representatives will be on hand to explain the latest enhancements and to listen for more of your feedback and suggestions.

Steve Washburn heads our TQM program in Whiting.

...Our Customers Drive Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management is everyone's job at PolyJohn.
A fine example of success is the new PJNIII Unit.

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