2003 Spring Volume No. 1

News & Notes

PolyJohn Opens Two New Regional Warehouses in Texas
and Wyoming to Better Serve West Central Customers

Everybody knows that size matters in Texas. That’s why PolyJohn Regional Representative Elton Tamplin is so pleased with his new Texas location. “We’ve added over 7,000 square feet of warehouse and assembly space (a total of 20,000 square feet) and increased our yard storage by 400%. This enables us to keep more restroom units, sinks and supplies on hand and assembled for immediate delivery,” Elton said.

Customers will find the new space easier to get to and more convenient for order pickup and loading. The new indoor loading area will fit a semi truck and keep workers sheltered from rain or sweltering sun.

Elton recently sent change of address and phone number cards with maps of the new location to his customers. If you didn’t receive this information, call his new number at 1-817-453-7401, fax 1-817-453-7402, or write to him at the new address: PolyJohn, 1205 South Second Avenue, Mansfield, TX 76063. Elton’s toll-free number has not changed: 1-800-641-8187.
David Wall, PolyJohn’s Northwestern Regional Representative, has just opened PolyJohn’s first new warehouse in the Rocky Mountain States. Located just off Rt. 80 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, at Exit 364. This new facility will provide shorter delivery routes for customers in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska and the Dakotas. To schedule pickups, call David at 1-800-718-0072. The facility manager is Beau Poteet, who can be reached at 1-307-634-9349, fax
1-307-634-1367. The address is: 205 County Road 128A, Unit 400, Cheyenne, WY 82007.

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