2003 Spring Volume No. 1

NEW from PolyJohn

The WaterWorks™

Now, you can supply customers with 100 gallons of fresh
pressurized water no matter how remote their location.

It’s the perfect accessory for office trailers, food service trailers, tool cribs, lunch rooms, portable showers, sinks and fresh-water flush portable toilets.

Wherever people work, the WaterWorks™ gives them fresh running water.

Water is delivered on demand by a on-demand electrical pump. Designed to operate on regular household current, the circuits are protected by GFCI and a low-water electrical shut-off.

Easy to Install, Service, Clean and Transport
• Only 46 pounds empty, it can be carried to the service
site by one person.
• The dimensions, 60" high by 23" wide are designed
to fit inside even the smallest closet.
• It can be plumbed to fill from outside the trailer.
• When it is time to empty and remove it, water quickly
drains through its 1" valve.
• Cleaning the inside is easy through the 10" diameter access
cover at the top.
• The tank is semi-transparent, so that customers or
service personnel can tell at a glance how much water is left.

This is going to be a very popular accessory for your customers. PolyJohn recently introduced the WaterWorks at the Pumper Expo in Nashville and sold over 100 units within two days. If you act fast, you may still be the first supplier in your area to offer it.

Call your PolyJohn Regional Representative today.


More information on the WaterWorks can be downloaded
from our web site: www.polyjohn.com

WaterWorks—The world’s first self-contained fresh-water delivery system.

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